Luxury Suites

Our Luxury suites are here for your cats purrfect vacation experience.

Each suite is individually themed so you can choose a theme to suit your cats personality.

The bedrooms are constructed of UPvc so are perfectly insulated. Each bedroom has its own thermostat controlled wall heater.

A window view overlooks our wildlife and winter pond area, with bird feeders to give the optimum birdwatching experience.  They may also get to see our peacocks and chickens and the occasional muntjac deer.

Each suite has themed bedding, ceramic bowls and enrichment items such as climbing posts and toys.

Tree Tops also has kitty cam available. This is an additional service charged at £1 per day or £5 per week.

There are six luxury suites available:

Sea Breeze


Meowtiny Bay

Astronomers Suite

The Manor

Tree Tops